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Horses for Sale

Finding the perfect match

We breed horses, believing we have something new and great to offer and our mission is to make more happy horse owners of the Icelandic horse in the world. So of course as every breeder we are in the business of selling horses. But, we are very well aware of that the aim may never be that of „selling a horse to somebody“ but has to be that of „finding the best available match there is for a man/woman and a horse“.

A good horse is only as good as it matches the rider so our main question to buyers will always be; „what qualities are you looking for in your future horse?“ „What have you liked so far and what has been troublesome for you when riding?“ (if anything).

We believe questions like that, and addressing the process of finding a horse for our costumer with that spirit, will lead us to our goal, to make more happy Icelandic horse owners over the world.
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