Fjóla frá Oddhóli


Call us for the price!

First prize: 8.07, Very talented 5 gaiter.

One of our favourite horses is for sale!
Fjóla is a fantastic 9 year old first price five gaited mare. She is a special horse with a lot of x-factor. Very well educated with super gates and a great mind. She is forward thinking but always with the rider. Fjóla is light on the reins and very easy to form. She is the perfect fit for 5gait and as a strong combination horse.
She has the most lovable character ever. Comes to you everywhere, calls you when you are walking by or feeding and smiles for the candy. Fjóla also has a very nice bloodline. Behind her you can find many Landsmóts winners, first price horses and honorary horses. So she would make a good breeding mare as well.

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