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About us

It all started with the wonderful mare, Kjarnorka frá Sauðárkróki, which we bought from the famous breeders at Sauðárkrókur. Kjarnorka was a real family horse, very willing and a great powerhorse but also very easy to handle.

All the family could enjoy riding her and she was everything one can ask for from a horse. Elías Þórhallsson, (brother of Þórhildur), showed her in 2001 and soon after the two families decide to start breeding her and try to replicate this great mare. So in the beginning there were two families breeding horses together under the name of Koltursey, Elías and Þórhildur and their families.

The breeding grew fast and soon both our families had several mares in breeding so in 2016 we decided to split the breeding into two different armes, the one in Mosfellsbær and the other in Koltursey, Austur- Landeyjar.

Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir & Žórhallur D. Pétursson (Tóti)

Today me, Þórhallur D. Pétursson (Tóti) and my fiance, Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir are in charge of the breeding and training in Koltursey, Austur – Landeyjum.

The first horse we bred together with my parents (Þórhildur and Pétur) was born in 2010 and we have been fortunate enough to have great success so far. This first horse born to us, Jörð frá Koltursey, won the 6 year old class at Landsmót 2016 and Garún frá Koltursey hit second place in the 5 year old class the same year.

Jörš frá Koltursey
Jörš frá Koltursey Winner 6 year old class, LM 2016

Our aime is to breed horses with great temperment and of course excellent gates. We believe it starts with the head of the horse so we never give any discount on the temperment.

We also now that this isn´t enough but best possible care in the upbringing and a very thoughtful training are also a vital things.

Garún frá Koltursey
Garún frá Koltursey Second place 5 year old class, LM 2016

Only with all these things together we will be able to produce horses people can really enjoy and will make happy owners of Koltursey horses one day.

Sara takes full responsibility for the training and gives every horse the time and care it needs to be able to give the rider all its best.

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